About Us

We are a software development company from Belgrade, Serbia. We specialize in use of cutting edge technologies to solve difficult problems that matter. We believe in using the best tools for the job. Our current toolset of choice includes Big Data platforms, Clojure, REST microservices and rich Javascript UI frameworks.

Our Trademarks


We are dedicated to only deliver top of the line products and services. All our outputs are subjected to rigorous tests including (but not limited to) unit and integration tests, workshops with UX experts and regular performance testing sessions.


Think globally? So do we! Maintaining high performance as the application usage grows is one of our top priorities and our development philosophy allows us to achieve all that alongside with quick prototyping in early development phases.


We believe in using the best tools for the job and Clojure turns out to be a perfect fit for a wide variety of difficult problems, whether their complexity is in the ever changing requirements or in the sheer volume of the data to be processed.


Each and every one of our projects is hand-tailored to the client’s specific needs, based on years of our experience in software development and project organization.